Payroll processing and HR agenda

Our services in the field of the monthly payroll agenda management:

  • mandatory registration of the employer with health and social insurance companies and the tax authority
  • registration and erasure of your employees with health and social insurance companies
  • registration of employees (foreign nationals) with health insurance companies
  • keeping individual employee files for payroll agenda purposes
  • wage calculation, including the preparation of all statutory statements and reports
  • distribution of income of your employees who are foreign nationals living and working also in other countries
  • preparation of payment orders for payment of wages
  • setting up a bank sub-account for wage payments registered under our company
  • automation of wage cost accounting based on the client's accounting pre-accounts
  • automation of the payroll statement drawn up following the client's requirements
  • processing of exit documentation upon the termination of employment (employment record sheet, pension registration sheet, statement on employee's income)
  • annual reconciliation of income tax from dependent activities
  • preparation of statistical reports

Our services in keeping and managing of HR agenda:

  • tracking of employee attendance
  • employee online portal
  • provision of support during the preparation of payroll-related documents for the processing of wages
  • preparation of draft employment documentation (employment contracts, agreements, documents concerning termination of employment, amendments)
  • employment of foreign nationals – provision of advice on statutory documentation required for the employment of foreign nationals, assistance in obtaining the necessary permits (e.g. residence permit, work permit, etc.), the selection of a suitable health insurance company in Slovakia, including the preparation of an application for personal registration with a health insurance company
  • preparation of information cards for your employees (foreign nationals)
  • preparation of applications for issuing A1 forms for social security purposes

What is in it for you?

  • streamlining of payroll and wage processing with a powerful digital solution to free up valuable time and resources; processing of documents for your employees
  • quick access to professional updates also in the form of regular information leaflets presenting the latest news in the payroll agenda
  • we embrace an integrated approach to managing employee compensation since we not only consider the mechanics of payroll but also the accounting and tax implications for the employer