Transaction consulting

Selling or buying a business enterprise represents a critically important event for every company.

Get the most out of every transaction. Our transaction consulting services combine in-depth knowledge with a focus on the results of process management combined to deliver effective and successful deals navigating the complexity with expertise.

As your partner in transaction advisory services, we will stand by your side as a reliable guide navigating with you on the path to thriving business solutions. Regardless of whether your part in the deal is to sell or acquire, our expertise, proven track record and independent approach ensure we can provide you with unwavering certainty and the strongest support. We ensure that every transaction is managed efficiently while providing maximum value for your business. Our drive, combining complexity with expertise is key in our ability to provide you with one-stop-shop services from planning to due diligence and business valuation. Together, we can navigate the complexity of any business transaction enabling you to achieve your entrepreneurial goals and ensuring that every transaction is a successful milestone in your company's journey.

Advisory services on selling

We provide comprehensive support throughout the sales process, ensuring you achieve the highest value for your business. We work with you to plan and protect your business value, ensuring successful sales.

Advisory services on buying

We support growth-oriented businesses through acquisitions, helping them find the ideal partner and achieve their business goals. Our assistance ranges from formulating an offer and structuring of the purchase price to negotiating strategy and tactics.

Due diligence

We help investors make informed decisions. We will partner with you to help you navigate the entire acquisition process from planning to implementation. As part of financial due diligence, we verify the facts affecting the acquisition price of the transaction and identify any financial, accounting, and tax risks associated with the acquired entity.


We provide expert estimation of the business value – an essential aspect for the fair and efficient conduct of any transaction. We create functional valuation models taking into account not only historical financial indicators and market conditions but also your expectations.