While there may be challenges to overcome, sustainable business practices can unlock new avenues for your organization's growth.

Integrating ESG principles into your business opens up new risk management perspectives, contributing to effective and future-proof business leadership. As interest in sustainable products and companies grows, so does the risk of legal disputes over the environmental impact of corporations. Adopting a systematic approach to sustainability will strengthen your image not only in the eyes of the public, and the media but also among your employees and lenders. A sound sustainability reputation increases attractiveness for customers, opens up investment opportunities, and attracts talented and skilled employees. Moreover, there are additional obligations in the ESG field that are related to legislative requirements, such as EU taxonomy and CSRD reporting.

Carbon footprint

We will help you set up data collection procedures, and also provide a description of the calculation methodology, data sources and calculate the carbon footprint according to the GHG Protocol or ISO standard.While cooperating with our partner, you can also calculate the estimated carbon footprint yourself. When it comes to sustainability and ESG criteria, joining us gets you a partner who can help you overcome challenges and seize opportunities, while enabling you to achieve not only social, but also business success.

EU Taxonomy

We help clients define eligibility for EU Taxonomy, assess compliance of their economic activities with the EU Taxonomy Regulation, by assessing their compliance with the “Do Not Significant Harm” principle, and by calculating taxonomic indicators.

Climate risks

We deliver end-to-end solutions for the identification and description of climate risks in compliance with the IPCC RCP and determine the risk scores of individual parts of your infrastructure while quantifying tangible climate risks to identify priorities for your adaptation measures roadmap.

ESG strategy, risks and reporting

We operate as a comprehensive one-stop shop for ESG solutions for our clients. Our outputs include the development of your strategic sustainability roadmap, identifying stakeholders, analysing relevant topics, stakeholder dialogue, building a double significance matrix, and performing risk and opportunities analysis while elaborating sustainability reports in compliance with the ESRS.

Calculate your carbon footprint

Have you ever wondered about the actual environmental impact of your lifestyle? Calculate your carbon footprint and get a clear picture of your contribution to climate change. We will elaborate a personalized analysis based on assessing your energy consumption, modes of transportation used, and your diet, and we will weigh in other factors, too.

Calculate your carbon footprint