Financial accounting

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At Grant Thornton, we take the burden off business owners and their employees by providing robust 100% support helping them implement secondary tasks. This frees their hands and minds to concentrate all their energy on core business activities and achieving of their goals.

We fully realize the pressures posed by increasing administrative burden for businesses; this is why we take the weight off your shoulders and provide our services, skills, and expertise in accounting, taxes, and payroll.

Financial accounting

Accounting that delivers accurate and meaningful data is essential for managing literally any company. We offer a comprehensive suite of financial accounting services, including bookkeeping, meticulous record verification, and the generation of monthly reports. In our work, we leverage the latest advancements in digitalization and automation to ensure efficiency and accuracy across all aspects of our client service.

Beyond addressing day-to-day accounting, we specialize in empowering large, complex enterprises with demanding requirements to help them streamline financial operations, reduce process costs, and navigate the challenges and complexities of transnational reporting.

Meanwhile, we fully adapt to the client's specific requirements regarding accounting and reporting. In addition to Slovak, we also deliver our outputs in English or German for the convenience of foreign management and expat workers.

Our teams can provide support in the following areas:

Comprehensive financial accounting:

  • interim bookkeeping
  • preparation of regular reports
  • preparation of VAT returns and related mandatory reports
  • preparation of reports for the INTRASTAT statistical survey
  • preparation of other statistical reports and communication with the authorities
  • preparation of payment instructions and reminders
  • representation of the company when interacting with the tax authorities
  • drawing up financial statements according to Slovak law
  • elaboration of other documents related to the closure of the books (publication, requests for reimbursement of excess tax and payments, etc.)
  • preparation of corporate income tax return

Accounting advisory:

  • provision of advice and support in setting up a company
  • company VAT registration
  • transfer of accounts reported under IFRS to Slovak accounting standards
  • assistance when facing a tax inspection and representation of your company when interacting with the tax authority
  • assistance during audits

Administrative services:

  • archiving of accounting documents and other mandatory administrative work
  • cloud-based document processing, including the client's approval process