Global mobility services

Services for legal entities:

  • keeping standard or shadow payroll accounting for posted employees performing work in Slovakia
  • preparation of documentation related to posting of employees from Slovakia to other countries
  • provision of A1 forms for posted employees documenting the payment of social insurance contributions
  • tax registrations, statutory registrations in insurance companies, and representation of your organisation before tax authorities, social and health insurance companies, or other state agencies and authorities
  • assessment of the founding of a permanent establishment in Slovakia from the tax perspective
  • advisory services concerning tax and contribution obligations of a foreign employer employing workers in the territory of the Slovak Republic
  • coordination of global advisory services and compliance with international rules and practices
  • establishing contact and setting up cooperation with our group member tax advisor in the country of employee posting

Services for natural persons:

  • tax advisory concerning the initiation of an employee posting when the worker arrives in Slovakia
  • tax advisory on the termination of employee posting upon their departure from Slovakia
  • registrations of natural persons with tax authorities
  • drawing up personal income tax returns for employees and self-employed individuals
  • calculations related to international tax reconciliation, hypothetical tax calculations
  • assessment of tax residence and provision of a tax residence certificate
  • representation of a natural person before tax authorities based on a granted power of attorney
  • assistance during tax inspections, preparation of applications, notifications, and processing of received tax correspondence issued by tax authorities
  • advisory in the field of personal income taxation, payment of health, social insurance, and pension contributions
  • establishing contact and setting up cooperation with a foreign tax advisor within our group in the country where the individual incurred tax obligations