Corporate finances

Every activity, process, and decision has a financial impact on your company's bottom line.  

Grant Thornton specializes in delivering the entire range of corporate finance services aiming to provide full support to decision-makers to make informed choices. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of financial management practices spanning across a variety of industries, including financial institutions, we provide in-depth, independent, and professional advice.

Our experts work closely with CFOs and controlling executives, helping to implement the selected business strategy into financial management, cost allocation as well as post-merger transformation.

It does not really matter if you face a complicated challenge, an unexpected crisis, or need to address a simple technical aspect – our clients can always rely on our team to deliver quality services and reliable advice helping them achieve optimal financial efficiency and business success.

Controlling, reporting, and calculations

We help you track performance and allocate resources correctly through dedicated controlling and reporting solutions.

Working capital management, cash-flow management

We provide effective working capital management and cash flow management fostering the financial stability of your business.

Financial modelling, planning, and business case analysis

We specialise in financial modelling, planning, and analysing of business cases, including cost-benefit analyses. What is more, we'll equip you with a self-contained functional model that can be used autonomously.