Change management

Empower individuals enabling them to drive successful change


Businesses must constantly evolve and adapt to an entire range of challenges – from developments in technology, through the emergence of new competitors, to amendments in laws and regulations, or changing basic economic trends. Adaptation is essential to avoid stagnation or, what is worse, complete failure.

The team of highly skilled professionals in Grant Thornton is always ready to navigate you through the process of organizational change until its final implementation, guiding you from the first stages of preparing the concept to the actual achievement of selected objectives.


More than just communication

Change management often consists only of a communication plan in which executive leaders or project managers inform the organization about the upcoming change (typically, on a rather short notice).

Our experts emphasize supporting people in the organization throughout the entire process of transition from the current status quo to the planned, envisioned results. They aim to communicate and understand what is necessary to influence every single person to accept and embrace the change. In this way, organizations can not only significantly increase the chances of successful project implementation but also, what matters in the end, the return on their project investment.


Structured and flexible methodology

The choice of the appropriate methodology depends on factors such as the nature and extent of the implemented change, the organizational culture, and the preferences of key stakeholders. It is often convenient to adapt or combine methodologies to suit the specific needs of any particular organization. Before choosing a methodology, it is advisable to assess the unique characteristics of the change initiative and the organizational context.


By actively involving people in the process of embracing change, as well as supporting them during changes, you prove – in word and deed – that it is exactly people who represent the greatest asset that benefits the entire organization.