Payroll and personnel audit

Using our own Compliance Health Check methodology, we detect any areas that may pose risk to your business.

Our in-house compliance verification methodology will ensure that your business has no deficiencies or shortcomings vis-a-vis legislative and statutory requirements. Not only will we identify any hidden flaws in the respective areas of payroll but also provide you with suggestions on how to handle them before they escalate and potentially turn into something more serious.

Payroll audit

  • calculation of gross and net wages (i.e. verifying payroll for accuracy in calculations of wages, statutory insurance contributions, taxes, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations)
  • checking the inclusion of accurate employee compensation packages (extra compensation, bonuses, benefits) in the payroll processing
  • correct calculation of per diem and meal allowance – regular work vs. business trips
  • calculation of non-monetary compensation related to the use of company or private cars and fuel consumption
  • calculation of travel allowance paid to employees on domestic and international business trips

Audit of HR documentation

  • check to verify your compliance with applicable local laws and regulations
  • make sure you keep the required documentation for onboarding and resignation of employees, agency employees, internal directives, compliance with statutory deadlines, etc.
  • see if you pay enough attention to the strengths and weaknesses of the respective implemented systems and processes to determine whether they comply with the requirements of your HR Department (e.g. the flow of data between the respective sections and departments of your organization)


We will prepare you for an inspection visit from the Labour Inspectorate Authority

  • we explain the procedure in the case you are to be inspected by the Labour Inspectorate Authority (who is entitled to perform the inspection, what your rights are during the inspection, how to prepare for its opening)
  • identifying key areas in your organization that could be subject to control during the inspection due to your business activities and employee roles
  • review of the current state of employment documentation concerning your staff as well as output documents from payroll processing


What is in it for you?

  • our Compliance Health Check will provide your business with an overview of how to comply with statutory requirements and regulations, as well as deliver clear recommendations on how to
  • improve internal control mechanisms. In the next steps, our seasoned team will implement the necessary steps to ensure that the red flags do not reappear
  • information on the status quo of your payroll processes in terms of possible financial risks
  • you get actionable advice on how to amend items that have been processed incorrectly to minimize the financial impact on your staff and also on your organization as an employer
  • increased employer attractiveness on the labour market (giving your company an image of an employer that regularly implements this form of payroll audits to make sure that wages are calculated correctly, and statutory payments to state authorities are always made on time), which can contribute to attracting the best talent in the market