Grant Thornton announces Filip Tichý as a new partner

Barbora Palenikova

Filip Tichý will become a new audit partner at Grant Thornton from January 1, 2022. Filip will be leading the audit team of 20 people and will assume responsibilities within Grant Thornton Advisory.

Filip Tichy’s career is closely linked to Grant Thornton. He joined the Slovak team in September 2009 and worked as an audit manager for Grant Thornton Brussels from 2015-2018 on large international audit clients. For the last two years, he represented Grant Thornton Slovakia as an audit director. Filip's promotion to audit partner will strengthen Grant Thornton's presence in Slovakia for large domestic and international clients.

As of January 2022, the partner team of Grant Thornton partners consists of six people, of which three are women. Grant Thornton is a gender-balanced firm and supports women in its management positions.