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Andrew Dickson Director, Advisory - Business Risk Services Bratislava +43 664 88 15 16 10

Andrew Dickson is a Director at Grant Thornton and leads our RPA and Business Risk Team.

With over 15 years experience providing external, internal audit and other assurance and compliance services on an international basis, Andrew is well equipped to advise companies in all sectors and segments on the changing landscape and requirements for risk management.

Andrew worked as an Systems and Operational Auditor for a Big 4 firm before moving to a role as the Group Internal Auditor for a German manufacturing firm where he qualified as a Certified Internal Auditor.

Andrew also served Data Protection Officer and IT Security Officer.

Subsequently, Andrew moved to a consultancy role for Grant Thornton Czech Republic leading the Business Risk Services practice, providing Risk Management, Governance, Compliance and Internal Audit Services for a international clients and in the Czech Republic.

Andrew provided SOX controls assurance for one major regional bank and designed an operational risk system for a second.

Andrew also has experience in forensics and process automation and effectiveness.

Andrew speaks: Slovak , German, English, French, Czech